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Raul Costa

2015 Aesthetic Dentistry Award

Feeling unhappy about your smile can really dent your confidence. Sometimes it is just one tooth or in other cases there may be a number of issues. Here at Metrodental we work with you to give you the smile that you really want. 'Digital Smile Design' is a fantastic tool which will allow you to see a preview of the results before we start any work. This gives us a great opportunity to work together making you the co-author of your new smile.

At Metrodental we have the benefit of an Orthodontist, Endodontist, Oral Surgeon and an Implant Specialist all under one roof, so your dental team can work together on every aspect of your treatment.

Our Cosmetic Dentist, Raul Costa, is an advocate of biomimetic dentistry - minimally invasive procedures that emulate the nature of patients' teeth from the biological, functional and aesthetic points of view. This approach allows Raul to achieve both maximum conservation of tooth structure and exceptional aesthetic results.

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Sometimes even the most conservative dentist cannot avoid extracting teeth. The good news is we can offer a replacement which feels as good as your own teeth. Implants are an effective and long lasting solution but it is vital that when choosing this treatment one should use the best quality materials as not all implants are the same. We work with both Straumann and Astra Tech implants, which are leaders in the field and have a solid track record behind them. We also provide the highest quality aftercare which is crucial to the longevity of implants.


Onlays, Inlays or Overlays are more or less the same thing - a restoration completed indirectly (often in a dental lab) with the purpose of restoring the missing part of the tooth. It is the ideal option for larger cavities as it overcomes the limitations that direct fillings present. The materials we currently use are ceramic or composite and they look amazingly natural. Onlays are our preferred restoration for large cavities and for teeth which have just had root canal therapy, to ensure they won't fracture.


Veneers are very thin layers of porcelain (as thin as 0.3mm) which when bonded to the teeth can restore their original anatomy and colour. We also use them when we want to change the shape of the teeth, for example increasing the size of naturally small teeth. It's a fantastic option for those whose teeth have suffered from wear, fractures, heavy restoration with composite or simply have insufficient anatomy.

Some people ask how they last if they're so thin, but it is due to them being so thin that they last! If correctly bonded, they are extremely robust and in reality there's no dental treatment with a greater long term success rate. They can last for decades.

Worn Teeth

Acidic drinks, food and grinding are today's worst enemies when it comes to tooth wear. In some cases, this can cause recurrent tooth chipping, sensitivity, jaw problems, cracked tooth syndrome and compromised aesthetics. The best approach is indeed early diagnosis. A careful examination helps us to identify potential 'grinders' and soft drink lovers. Alcohol, excessive fruit intake, esophagic reflux and bulimia can also cause acid wear. A well designed night guard can have successful effects in keeping the teeth intact.

For patients who are concerned with the amount of wear their teeth present, we are living in very exciting times as we can recover the lost anatomy through minimally invasive procedures, based on bonding, with outstanding results.

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